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Chairmanís Reserve Certified Premium Beef

Sunshine Foods is proud to feature Chairman’s Reserve Certified Premium Beef. With the highest quality cuts available, you can expect exquisite results. If you insist on using a white tablecloth, that’s fine. But we won’t judge you if you don’t.

Introducing Sunshine Rewards

Now when you shop in thousands of the retailers you normally do for clothes, appliances, shoes and so much more, a portion of what you spend goes to a direct reduction of your grocery bill with us at the checkout. Click here to register today for FREE then start earning. 

Sunshine Founder George Sercl, Sr. 1931

82 years ago George Sercl, Sr founded Sunshine Foods. From our Family to yours...THANK YOU for supporting your locally owned grocery stores!

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Sunshine Foods is part of an 850 Grocery Store Coop. This buying power allows us to sell for LESS! We are able to provide you with top-quality products at a fair price.

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